Energy-efficient Upvc New and Replacement windows

Double Glazed Windows, Doors & Conservatories in Lancashire and the North West

Very much the nation’s favourite window styles,  you can be confident that they’ll always deliver impressive thermal retention and security. 

A window style initially popularised during the Victorian period. Now available with a slew of modern advantages in glazing and technology

Another amazing classic style of Windows. Flush sash windows come double or triple glazed for homeowners & trade customers

Innovative dual functionality for inwards titling as well as inward turning to make for easier cleaning and better security. Easy to operate effortlessly.

A beautiful bay window often makes a great impact. Bay & bow windows come double or triple glazed for homeowners & trade customers

The most reliable doors to protect your home and provide a sleek look to your conservatory

Our Customisation Options

Choose from our range of colour options

All of our windows, whether it be sash, bay or tilt & turn, and doors are available in a stunning selection of colours. We have seven standard colours available that you can choose from.

You can opt for a more standard subtle colour such as Black, Anthracite Grey or Chartwell Green or decide on a more vibrant, bold aesthetic like Caribbean Blue or Paradise Green. We also offer realistic looking wood effects from Rosewood to Golden Oak.

So whether you’re looking to enhance and complement a traditional look, or if you are opting for more of a contemporary finish, you’re sure to find the perfect colour to suit your home.


Our Glazing Options

Choose from our range of glass options


Beveled Glass: Add a touch of gracefulness to your glazing with our Bevelled Glass.

Bevelled glass designs can truly lift the whole look of a room or door entryway. Characterised by the use of contrasting clear glass textures, the simplicity and elegance of this style make it ideal for modern architecture.We have a wide array of shapes and patterns which we can carefully apply to create an amazing variety of elegant and tasteful designs.


Fret & Astragal windows: Create that authentic, trendsetting appearance.

With fret glass, a plain window can be transformed to give the effect of traditional period features. The bars are applied to one single piece of glazing but create the effect of multiple panes of glass to enhance the look of the window by providing a classic appearance. Add your personal touch and customise your windows to bring your vision to life.


Leaded Glass: Hand crafted by experts - just the way you want it.

Leaded windows are a popular choice today because they provide privacy and add elegance to a space. They can be used in historical or modern homes and leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them. They’re just right for adding a sophisticated ‘architectural’ look to any home.

a set of high quality white wooden windows with frosted glass that could feature in either a bathroom or a kitchen. The subtle colours of a garden are in the background. Direct sunlight and light reflected from outside have created a subtely coloured recess to the window.Looking for a window Please see my window collection including cut-outs with clipping paths by clicking on the Lightbox Link below...

Obscure Glass: Add a touch of elegance to your glazing.

Obscure glass is commonly used in bathrooms and homes for privacy as visibility through the pane of glass is limited. Obscure glass can also be used for decorative effects in door glazing. We offer a choice of privacy options meaning we can tailor your windows to your exact specifications with ease. We also have many classic and contemporary textured glass styles available, so no need to compromise on style!.


Clear Glass: Create that authentic, trendsetting appearance.

Clear glass is found mainly in windows and commercial doors. It is one of the most common everyday glass types available. Clear glass is a glass manufactured without any tint allowing it to be transparent in nature. The transparent and clear finish ensures clarity of vision with true colours of the objects.


K Glass: Protect your home and its living areas.

Designed to protect and prevent any discolouration of your furniture, K glass has a unique tinted effect that ensures all the heat in a given space is preserved. Their ability to retain heat especially during the colder seasons make them the most preferred and popular glass option.


Arch Glass: Add a touch of elegance to your home.

Some homes require the subtle soft finish you can only achieve with arched uPVC windows. Stunningly simple but super stylish, this curved design combines all the modern benefits of double glazing with a classic timeless look. Thanks to their distinct look they create a dramatic effect at traditional and contemporary homes alike.


Toughened Glass: Add a touch of security.

Toughened glass or otherwise known as tempered glass is generally used for both residential and commercial projects. This type of glass can be up to five times stronger than regular glass of the same thickness, proving this to be a very popular safety glass for our customers whilst continuing to maintain a classic aesthetic.

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All of our Windows and Doors come the prestigious Yale guarantee ensuring you know you can trust your locks.

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